YUCHENGTECH Animal Pellet Mill Machine Feed Pellet Machine Feed Granulator Machine Feed Food Pellet Making Machine with 4mm Grinding Plate with Motor

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1.【Excellent motor】▩ The feed granulator uses a thickened copper wire motor, which has strong power, good heat dissipation, high temperature resistance, low noise throughout use, low loss, and stable operating performance.
2.【Features】▩ Compared with traditional feed granulators, it has high working efficiency, high output and low loss. One machine can meet the production needs of various kinds of feed. It’s convenient to feed, clean and hygienic, and can save cost, effort and time.
3. 【Advantages】▩ The feed pellets produced by the feed granulator have moderate hardness, smooth surface, and internal maturation, in order that the nutrients of the feed may also be digested and absorbed well.
4.【Main parameters】▩ Voltage: 380V, Motor power: 5.5KW, Production capacity: 200kg/h,Weight: 110kg,Product size: 92*37*75cm.
5. 【Application】▩ The granulator cannot only be used to produce various poultry feeds, but also can make fishing bait ,pet foods such as cat food, and pet food. It’s widely used in feed factories, farms, fish ponds, pastures, zoos, breeding farms, and the like.

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