Tank Cleaner Aquascaping Water Aquarium Scissor Spatula Tools Accesories in Leather Case, Magnetic Sponge Scraper Algae Cleaner for Aquarium and Plants, Fish Tank Starter Kit

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EASY TO TRIM, SHAPE AND AQUASCAPE: A great aquarium kit that has the entire aquascaping tools you are going to need for creating, maintaining and cleaning your fresh water fish tank or aquarium with ease and precision.
GREAT GIFT IDEA: This fish tank starter kit makes a great accessory gift for aquarium owners – whether that is their first tank, or they have got years of revel in with aquarium plants and aquascaping.
CONTAINS: Aquascape tools including curved aquascape scissors, long Aquarium tweezers and a substrate spatula. The whole set – suitable for small or large tanks – is packaged in a blue fabric box with designer fish motif.
QUALITY MATERIAL: The 25cm aquascape scissors, 27cm long Aquarium tweezers and 32cm spatula are all made from solid chrome steel.
FREE GIFT: This set includes the FREE aquarium cleaner gift of a magnetic sponge for cleaning the glass (7.5 x 4.1 x 7.2cm).

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