Pssopp Aquarium Cultivating Bucket External Cultivate Bucket Seawater Coral Barrel Removing Price: $218.83 (as of 10/05/2022 06:57 PST- Details)

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【Provide Food Source】Most essential effect of cultivate bucket to create one protection area for seawater tanks, large multiply provide food source for quite a lot of vulnerable microorganisms and small life forms.
【Provide Living Conditions】This environment identical to a natural “sea pasture” bucket of microorganisms, such as protein , skiving shrimp, copepod, eggs, larvae and so forth, will enter main tanks with the water. The primary tanks of fish, shrimp, coral, and even some unseen microorganisms provide wealthy food and living conditions.
【Stabilizes PH Value】 bucket form one ecosystem, stabilizes PH value, powerful will release chemicals that suppress other , allowing in main tanks to suppressed, getting rid of headache of violent in the seawater tanks.
【Light Advisable for 12 Hours a Day】Plant spectrum LED light, light Advisable for 12 hours a day, to prevent from growing too fast ends up in frequent harvesting problems, with some being left to reproduce in the tanks for every harvest.
【Save Space】High level cultivation bucket, efficient water purification, lower nutrient salt, ecological cultivation of , save space.

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