PETS HEALTH SOLUTION Allergy Relief for Cats – Immune System Booster – CAT Treats – Premium Complex Blend – Powerful – Turmeric for Cats – 120 Treats (2 Bottle) Price: $45.95 (as of 06/04/2022 03:56 PST- Details)

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HELPING THE IMMUNE SYSTEM AT ITS BEST: The immune system is a complex array of cells that are found all over the body. Immune cells are designed to work along side other cells to provide a defense against unwanted invaders. The complexity of the immune system requires a multidimensional approach of nutritional factors. The nutritional beef up of the immune system is directed at facilitating normal function.
CAT IMMUNE SUPPORT: It’s no wonder that the flu season for us is on a regular basis over the winter months. Even supposing our cats don’t tend to have a flu season as we do, different issues can get up, incessantly seen in the winter time. A healthy immune system is your cat’s first line of defense against anything that trying to make him sick or just not the same. Our supplement can help your cat beef up his immune system all over the seasons and being a lot less likely to get sick.
STOP THEM ALLERGYS: Allergic reactions are an incorrect immune response … so allergies are another problem our mushroom blend can solve for your cat. Also the unique blend of mushrooms have a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions that can reduce allergy symptoms like itching. This is among the reasons we added this blend into our amazing immune supporting supplement.
MUSHROOMS FOR CATS HEALTH: The mushroom is a complex organism that contains several thousand enzymes, nutrients, and proteins in a ratio that offers nutritional benefits. Mushrooms hold important potential value for cats health in the areas of immune and digestive health, normal cell growth, promoting the normal cleaing process, helping to beef up against environmental stressors, and even joint health.
Put us to the test! Use our pet supplement for up to 30 days, risk-free. If for some reason you aren’t completely satisfied, return the product for a refund. Some exceptions may apply.

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