Mealworm & Sunflower Pie – Healthy Natural Suet Basket Feeder Treat – for Backyard Chickens and Wild Birds Price: $12.99 (as of 15/04/2022 05:02 PST- Details)

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✔ HEALTHY – Mealworms are also high in vitamins A and B which might be crucial for feather growth.
✔ REWARDING – It’s a fun and rewarding way for for backyard chickens, bluebirds, woodpeckers, sapsuckers, brown thrashers, chickadees, jays, juncos, nuthatches, wrens, orioles, robins, warblers, or cardinals to revel in a wholesome snack
✔ LONG LASTING – Can last as long as ten times longer in comparison to usual loose ingredients.
✔ CONVENIENT – Held together tightly by a natural gelatin binder that is helping hold their shape. As birds peck at the pie, individual ingredients loosen, so they may be able to be eaten.
✔ FAST, FREE SHIPPING! Avg 3 days! ZooPro sells exotic animal foods and accessories which are manufactured by Exotic Nutrition Pet Supply Company. Exotic Nutrition has been the industry leader of exotic animal products since 1998, focusing on sugar gliders, hedgehogs, prairie dogs, marmosets, degus, skunks, opossums, chinchillas, rats, hamsters, gerbils, squirrels, rabbits, guinea pigs, rodents, ferrets, chickens, bluebirds, wild birds, monkeys, marsupials, reptiles, amphibians, & more

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