Euchirus Non-GMO High-Protein Large Dried Mealworms for Chickens, Natural Grubs and Poultry Treats as Chicken Feed,Duck Food, Wild Birds Seed,Fish Food,Reptile Food,Amphibian Food(Mealworms-44LB) Price: $308.99 (as of 04/04/2022 22:16 PST- Details)

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【Large & dried Mealworms】 -Our worms are large in size, and larger yellow mealworms have higher nutrients and may give better for your pets. It’s also suitable for chicken feed and duck feed. Good packing way to keep dried mealworms unbroken and kept whole.
【NON-GMOs& NO PRESERVATIVES】 – Our mealworms receive a well-monitored diet of grains, vegetables and cereals. These sources are never blended with animal matter. We demand the strictest quality standards and our worms never eat any GMOs.So it is very healthy as a poultry treats or a chicken treats.
【VERY HIGH PROTEIN CONTENT】 – Protein contents account for 53% of the food value in our dried mealworms, a very good source of nutrients, and an aid to your pets through cold winter weather and spring reproduction. Great mealworms for chickens, bluebirds, Sparrows, Robins, budgies, turtle, hedgehog, hamster, parakeets,wild bird,duck food.
【EASY TO STORE & KEEP FRESH 】 – Our mealworms are packaged in a zip lock bag that helps to keep them fresh, easy to reseal. And due to the drying process you’ll be able to store our mealworms for up to 12 months in a cool, dry space without the need of refrigeration(Large size no zip lock)
【FEED ALONE & MIXED WITH OTHER FOOD】-Our dried mealworms will also be served to birds/ chickens either straight or mixed with other food such as seeds, nuts or fruit for added nutrition. They are able to also be melted into suet to form a bird food fat cake. It may be a poultry snack like a chicken snack or It may be a snack for your little pet.

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