Derby Originals Reflective Mesh Fly Mask with 1 Year Warranty Includes Ears and Nose Cover Price: $22.99 (as of 10/05/2022 06:55 PST- Details)

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PROTECTS YOUR HORSE’S FACE – our mesh fly mask is designed to be comfortable to wear and offer optimum protection to your horse’s sensitive skin. This fly mask is made with non-heat-transferring materials and fleece edging for increased comfort.
PROVIDES PROTECTION FROM THE SUN – fly masks shield your horse’s eyes and delicate facial skin from the sun’s harsh rays. Dressed in a fly mask is really helpful by veterinarians to stop sunburn, irritation, and skin cancer.
LOWERS YOUR HORSE’S STRESS – fly masks assist to keep unwanted irritants from your horse’s face and eyes. This is helping keep your horse relaxed and focused and stops stress-caused behaviors such as head tossing and shaking.
PROTECTIVE DESIGN – this fly mask covers your horse’s eyes, ears, and entire face including the nose. This design is perfect for sensitive or light-skinned horses. Our fly masks are durable and designed to last and feature double velcro closures.
ONE YEAR WARRANTY – this fly mask has a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty offered by Derby Originals. This warranty covers manufacturing defects. Accidental damage or wear and tear isn’t covered. Contact the manufacturer for more info.

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