CoyoteVest HawkShield Pad for CoyoteVest or SpikeVest Dog Harness Vest, Protective Dog Accessories to Shield Your Pet from Raptor, Hawk, Coyote and Animal Attacks (XXS, Texas Tan) Price: $39.95 (as of 27/03/2022 08:17 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping. Details

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EFFECTIVE PROTECTION FOR YOUR DOGS AND PETS: For use at the side of a CoyoteVest or SpikeVest spiked dog vest (both sold one at a time), a HawkShield pad is additional protection attached to the top of your pet’s safety harness vest. Its purpose is to reduce the chance of being attacked on the back by a coyote and other wild animals, or being lifted off by a hawk and other birds of prey when you and your small dog are out for a walk, training, hiking or camping.
TOUGH MATERIALS AND QUALITY MADE: The HawkShield pad is engineered with triple layers of genuine DuPont Kevlar material that’s super tough and stab-resistant to sharp canine teeth in addition to strong claws and talons of aggressive wild animals and birds of prey. It’s extra protection for your pet and more peace of mind for you knowing that it is not utterly defenseless.
FAST ATTACHMENT/REMOVAL WITH VELCRO STRIPS: The HawkShield attaches to a CoyoteVest or SpikeVest small dog harness with just enough Velcro to keep it securely in place at the same time as allowing it to be removed easily. If a bird of prey tries to grab your pet and fly away, the very first thing they may be able to grab is the HawkShield. As the predator tries to lift off, the weight of the dog will cause the HawkShield to be released from the vest, giving your pet a chance to escape.
COLORFUL BODY ARMOR FOR PETS: HawkShield is to be had in many fluorescent colors, Mix and match your HawkShield with your pet’s CoyoteVest or SpikeVest dog hawk vest and let your pet strut about in a funky protective armor!
HOW TO CHOOSE A HAWKSHIELD: The HawkShield pad is to be had in different sizes to match the different sizes of CoyoteVest and SpikeVest. Please order the same size as the vest it’ll be used on.

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