AMZ Aquarium Plastic Fish Bags 10″ x 24″, Clear Polyethylene Bags Pack of 100, Jumbo Plastic Bags For Fish, 2 Ml Plastic Bags, Clear Food Grade Plastic Bags 10×24 Fish Packing Proofing Bag Price: $26.65 (as of 21/05/2022 02:33 PST- Details) & FREE Shipping. Details

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PACK OF 100 PLASTIC FISH BAGS 10″ x 24″: Unprinted clear bags are a perfect solution for transporting pet and feeder fish. Leak proof plastic bags are easy to store and utilize. Plastic fish carrier is your choice, goal, safety and convenience.
EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: Aquarium fish bags are made of 100% virgin Low Density Polyethylene, so any threat to your fish is excluded. Plastic tropical fish bags are clear and transparent, allowing you to observe fish always. Water all the time stays fresh – fish is happy – customer is satisfied!
VARIETY OF USE: Poly fish bags are designed as transfer containers for live fish! So, they are perfectly are fitting for fish markets, seafood restaurants, pet shops. Bring it on and take your fish in a bag wherever you want. As a bonus – several types of liquids stay inside the bag, not in a different way!
HEAVY DUTY MATERIAL: Fish transfer container is suitable for shipping and storage of tropical live fish. Moreover, fish transport container is waterproof, no water gets inside the fish bag or outside. Affect resistant material is a guarantee of absolute protection. Fish container is fish’s 2nd home!
COST-EFFECTIVE: One of the vital best attributes of fish transport bags is their improbable durability and strength, because of this plastic aquarium bags are disposable. Clear plastic flat style bags are some of the effective ways of uncostly packaging solutions to meet all customer’s needs.

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