Aquarium Live Plants

Aquarium Live Plants

Aquarium live plants are meant to provide your fresh water fish tank to create a home for your fish that oxygenates the water (requiring less power for air pumps) give the aquarium a lifelike look.

They can also soak up ammonia, and also provide homes for invertebrates plus for fry which are baby fish. You will find that various fish tank inhabitants – invertebrates plus fish – even consume the living plant life.

Fish lovers utilize such plants to aquascape the aquarium – to make it even more beautiful.

You will find that many (of not most) of the listed varieties exist mainly partly or totally underwater within their normal environment.

Your fish could also be less stressed with these plants as they can hide in them should there be fish higher up the pecking order in the tank. This is especially important with fry.

You will find here a great range, fast delivery and of course stunning prices!

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    DaToo Aquairum Betta Leaves Catappa Leaf for Fish Tank Water Quality Betta Natural Habitat

    100% NATURAL: Most of the Terminalia tree grows in the waterside of betta fish life. When the season changes, the leaves naturally fall into the waters where the fish live, improving water quality. DaToo carefully collects these naturally fallen leaves for you, naturally dried and strict sterilization, 100% Natural and Safe.
    REDUCE PH VALUE( 0.5~1) – As we all know, the Amazon River has a lot of dead wood and fallen leaves, which make the river water weakly acidic. Your beloved fish have lived in this natural, weak acidity for generations. DaToo nature betta leaves slowly release tannic acid, humic acid, folic acid, oxalic acid, etc. during the process of decay in water. Easily create a naturally weak acid environment for your fish!
    HEALTH FOR YOUR FISH: DaToo betta leaves are rich in antibacterial substances, which can effectively remove harmful substances from the tank and provide a therapeutic effect for your fish. After a few days of use, you will find that the tank water turns light brown, which makes your tank environment closer to the real amazon river. In the natural water quality, the scales of the fish will become more beautiful and shiny. Your fish will love it!

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  • Aquatic Arts Baby Tears Plant – 2 Bunches – Live Aquarium Plants

    Gorgeous and versatile plant; ideal for the foreground or background of any planted aquarium
    Contains 2 separate bunches of multiple stems that range from 8 to 10 inches in length
    Please note that these are not dwarf baby tears, though it does belong to the same group of plants

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  • Elive Betta Cylinder Aquarium & Planter White

    Large planter area ideal for a variety of live or artificial plants
    Built in 4 hour light timer
    Top lit LED light with white daylight and blue moonlight

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  • Elive 1512 034301 Betta Filter with Natural Plant, Small

    Betta Filter w NAT Plant SM 48
    Made in China

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  • Elive 1433 034320 Natural Elements Crypt Plant, 4″, Red

    Natural elements Plants were designed to make your Aquarium look stunning and kept your fish happy and healthy
    Creates a more natural look in your Aquarium
    Features a weighted resin base that makes it easy to anchor Plants in your gravel

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