Dog Sofas

Let me start by saying “The dog sofa is for the most fervent of pet lovers,” I, like millions of other people around the world adore my pets! I believe that a dog is an extension of our family and like children, we love to spoil them. Whether that’s a simple dog coat or the most extravagant diamond pet collar! We Americans spend in excess of over $45.5 Billion per annum on our pets, according to the American Pet Products. When the dog couch was invented the demand was phenomenal and now the selection of dog sofas on the market now far exceeds any, if not all other canine products available today, there is literally a sofa for every breed and size of dog!

Choosing the Right Dog Sofa:

1. The size of the dog couch. Dog sofas usually come in a number of sizes, small, medium, large and extra large. Identifying the size of the individual bed will depend on the size of your canine, for example a medium size dog would require a larger bed. More so, the sizing of the bed will vary depending on the manufacturer or supplier of the dog couches.

2. In as much as a canine couch can vary in size, they also vary in shape. The best way to figure out which dog sofa shape will best suit your dog is to observe their sleeping positions. If your dog likes stretching out on the sofa then a larger one will probably be the best size for your dog. However, if your dog likes curling tightly into a ball then a rounded more fuller shape will be the most suitable for your dog.

3. As well as the size and shape of the canine couch you intend to purchase for your pet, make absolutely sure that the materials and cushion fillings used for the sofa are in accordance with health and sanitary standards. As we all know our canine friends sometimes like to eat things they shouldn’t!

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