Rawhide Treats for Dogs

When it comes to wanting to give your dog the best, it is important to make sure that you are being careful when selecting the best rawhide chews that you can possibly give. But is there such a thing as bad dog rawhide chews and good ones? While there really are not any terrible ones on the market that are going to hurt your dog or puppy, there are certainly ones that are better then others. And since you want to make sure that your dog or puppy has the very best, you will want to make sure that you are taking your time to research the various rawhide chews so that you are getting something that is most beneficial for your four legged friend.

To help understand just why you will want to look for certain things in dog rawhide chews, you first need to see why it is that these are such popular treats. To start with, the rawhide bones, rolls, twists, and chips help to make sure that dogs have better dental health. When the dog chews on the rawhides, plaque is scraped away and it helps to diminish bad mouth odors. It is also stimulating activity that will help to keep the dog busy chewing on the rawhide instead of chewing on the couch.

So now that you understand the purpose of the dog rawhide chews, you will want to make sure that you are purchasing the very best for your dog or puppy. Purchasing rawhide chews that are made in the United States is usually best because you know that the strictest quality standards are set in place and the sanitation practices are trust worthy. After you find a selection of chews that were made in the U.S. you will then want to stop and make sure that you are purchasing the right size, hardness, flavor, and shape for your particular dog.

Some dog simply prefer smaller bones to larger ones so you should stick with what your dog prefers. Dogs that are aggressive chewers will generally do better with harder, more compressed rawhides, as they will last longer. If you have a dog that chews gently and only chews a little at a time, a smaller and softer rawhide will be much for fun for your pet. When it comes to selecting the right flavor, this is going to be more of trial and error then anything else. Just as humans prefer one flavor to another, your dog will do the same. Pick up a few different flavors. If you pay attention, you should have no problem determining which of the dog rawhide chews your dog enjoys the most.

Once you have found the right size, shape, and flavor that your dog will enjoy the most, you are well on your way to entertaining your dog and keeping it out of trouble. The dog rawhide chews not only help to remove plague but they also help keep your dog from becoming bored. In the end your dog will thank you.