Dog Carrier Slings

Dog carriers come in different types depending upon the purpose that they may serve. You can make your choice according to your needs and preference when it comes to a carrier since each carrier is made to fit certain purposes.

The sling bag type is very famous. It is carried on the shoulder. This is commonly used by female dog owners and is fit for puppies and small breeds of dogs like the Chihuahua, miniature poodle, Maltese, etc because of their lightweight. This type is easy on the pocket. They are packaged in cool stylish designs and colors.

A backpack carrier will allow you to easily carry your pet on your back. It is very convenient to use when you go out on long walks and will keep your pet secure and safe the whole time.

A wheeled carrier can also be carried on your back and at the same time can be wheeled on the floor. This will not tire your pet during these long activities.

This is not a very well loved type, but is a necessity if you want to take your pets on flights. This will give your dog the comfort to be in familiar surroundings during your travel. But of course, the comfort of your pet will also depend on the materials that are used.

Carriers are generally more on the expensive side compared to the other dog accessories but you will still be able to find a good carrier at a reasonable price. You can be slightly more economical if you end up deciding on a pet carrier for small dogs that are able to be multi-purpose, like one that can be wheeled and also can be carried as a backpack.