Bird Cages & Accessories

Bird Cages & Accessories

Bird cages & Accessories – as you know a birdcage is an enclosure intended to house birds as pets.

Collectible (or antique-style) birdcages are frequently bought by collectors or as part of a homes theme. Great quality bird cages of other styles are also available here.

Bird Cage Sizes and Design

When all is said in done, the bigger the bird, the bigger the bird enlosure is going to have to be. Your bird that is confined for long periods will need lots more space that one that is only confined for say just during the evening.

Your feathered friends all have different needs. Amazons parrots and cockatiels incline toward level bars, as they jump at the chance to climb. Untidy eaters ought to have a seed skirt to catch excess bird food. Reproducing birds may require a home or rearing box and a bigger size pen.

cleaver birds, similar to parrots and crows, frequently require bird toys as well as play-stands to keep them engaged. Parrots as a rule have a tendency to chew on their cages, with bigger macaws, they are known to tear bars from poor quality enclosures. Zinc covered enclosures or chicken wire can be dangerous to several varieties.

The most common patterns of cages are of strong stainless steel. Large parrot cages made of stainless steel can be expensive however they will outlive a powder-coated pen by 5 to 6 times.

The materials used to manufacture the cages influence the cost. While little pens are moderately inexpensive, big sized cages are more expensive obviously.

Pet Bird Health

A cage for a bird pet which is permitted out every day ought to be sufficiently large to enable it to easily stretch its wings completely without hitting the sides or toys inside the enclosure. In a few nations, it is unlawful to house a pet bird in an enclosure that does not allow it to spread its wings.

Wingspans of normal pet birds go from roughly 30 cm (12 in) for a budgie and 41 cm (16 in) for a cockatiel up to as much as 91– 122 cm (36– 48 in) for the bigger macaws.

Untamed birds which are not permitted out of their pens very often, for example, most finches and canaries, require bigger pens that are sufficiently long to allow some flight.

The bars ought to be divided so inquisitive avians can’t stick their heads out of the cage and can end up stuck. The pen ought to likewise have non-poisonous paint, since birds have a tendency to bite the pen, and if the paint is poisonous, they can be harmed.

Bird cages ought to be furnished with proper roosts. Cages and aviaries ought to be furnished with roosts at each end of them with open space in the center for flight.

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