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Aquarium tanks – When it comes to aquariums and fish bowls, there is no question that you have a ton of options. You can find products that will meet your size requirements. You can find bowls and aquariums that will give you the ability to match up to your unique sense of style. Aquarium tanks can include enough in the way of size to let you have space enough for new additions to the family later on.

Keeping Fish in a Plastic Bowl

Studies have shown that keeping fish help reduce stress but many people don’t want to hassle with the aquariums, pumps, filters and other sundry of maintaining a tank. Luckily a fish can be kept in a simple plastic bowl and live a long and happy life swimming in his bowl on your desk. There is some maintenance required even for a simple fish bowl but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

First it is important to remember that a simple plastic fish bowl does not have aeration, heat, cooling or filters, this is good and bad. You will still need to clean the bowl but you won’t have to deal with the equipment. Choosing a fish bowl size that you can easily lift and clean is an important first step. Plastic fish bowls come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors but it is important to make sure it is designed for fish as some plastic leech chemicals that could kill your fish.

Bringing a New Fish Home

Bringing your fish home and putting it in a bowl full of water is a sure fire way to kill a fish. You will need to use water conditioner to remove harmful chemicals from the water to create a safe environment for your new friend. City water can be loaded with fluoride, chlorine and other chemicals that fish can’t tolerate therefore water conditioners need to be used to balance the chemicals.

Be sure to wash all gravel and aquarium decorations as well as the bowl prior to using with non-iodized salt. You will not want to use any soaps or detergents that can leave a film and potentially harm your fish. Once your plastic fish bowl is set up and the water is the temperature of the room you put your fish in the bag it came from the store in inside the bowl for 15 minutes then add some of the tank water to the bag and wait another 15 minutes. At the end of the time, simply tip the bag and let your friend swim out.

Due to the fact it is plastic you don’t want to put your bowl in direct light of any kind or at the opposite in a room that is much too cold for a fish to thrive. The water should be changed and the bowl cleaned once a week to maintain a healthy fish in a plastic bowl. 

You can find bowls and aquarium tanks that feature LED lights, remote controls, and a host of additional, fun accessories. Aquariums and fish bowls are available that can appeal to just about anything you might have in mind. If you want an idea as to what sort of fish you can keep in the bowl – betta, goldfish, Blind Cave Tetras, Wild-type Guppies come to mind.


You will find an ever increasing range of fish tanks bowls and more – enjoy the quality!


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