Aquarium Thermometers

Aquarium Thermometers

We believe most will agree that pretty well all fish tanks need aquarium thermometers. Having said that, it is super important to have one that is accurate.

If your thermometer is not accurate it is next to useless – downright dangerous to your fish. Anyway back to the basics – what do you you use them for – to measure temperatures inside your fishes tank.

They mean you can check that the water is at the correct range for your type of fish to survive in.

There are three main types – 1) a probe with a digital thermometer 2) a thermometer that is submerged in the aquarium 3) stick on strips.

Usually we recommend types 1) and 2) (type 1 the most) and NOT type 3) as they are simply not accurate. Remembering that you need the instrument to be used to keep your fish alive, accuracy and therefore quality is super important.

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