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It is great to be able to access a large range of horse supplies online to cover your needs. These cover horse blankets, horse sheets, boots wraps, horse grooming and more.

You will find that we supply horse riders and their horses a high quality and big range of equestrian products online.

horse supplies online

Look out for horse blankets to protect your horse – for say the end of summer or mid-winter they are here.

Super important for your equine will be our horse grooming range – from brushes to clippers (hand or electrical), tail rakes and many more.

Looking for horse health supplies? All the basics you need and more for say coat and hooves.

Look out for the much needed supplements, wormers, ointments sprays and much much more.

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Horse Blankets Online

Horse Blankets Online

Horse blankets online - to state the fairly obvious (but just in case) a horse blanket is a blanket or rug that will keep your favorite horse nice and warm even if there is snow or strong cold winds. They cover the equine rump area all the way up to the chest. There are straps that will hold the blanket on securely - but allow the horse to move easily.

One of the things that happens with a horse blanket is that if one is put on at the beginning of fall, the horse will probably not grow a winter coat. Very handy if showing. Naturally if that happens, you cant take the coat off over winter. The blankets have another few names they are known as such as turnout blankets and stable blankets.

horse blanket online

You will also find on this site horse sheets. These are used for wet or muddy wearer - not used in winter as not warm enough (for that matter too hot to be used in say mid summer).So if looking to work out the main difference between a horse blanket and a horse sheet - it is the waterproofing on the sheet. The stable sheet is a pretty useful bit of kit - can among other things be used as an under layer below the blanket in winter.

Think about just before the show - the sheet will keep your groomed horse looking great, no dust for example. They also keep those annoying flies away.

In summary if you live in a cold area of the world think about turnout sheets and turnout blankets - they will protect your equine from icy rain and snow and of course the chilly air.

You will find stable sheets and stable blankets which you can use at any time of the year. They will keep your horses coat shiny healthy and clean.