Healthy Dog Treats for Training

Milk Bone Pill Pouches with Real Chicken Dog Treats

Healthy Dog Treats for Training

Healthy Dog Treats for Training

Healthy Dog Treats for Training – who doesn’t like to be treated every now and then? With that in mind, when’s the last time you treated your dog with healthy dog treats? A little can go a long way with your little pup, so do them a favor and try to educate yourself on the best ways to treat your furry friend.

Healthy Dog Treats for Training
Healthy Dog Treats for Training

Reward Good Behavior in Dogs

When you are training a puppy to behave the way you would like them to can be quite difficult. Much like real children, puppies rarely behave the way you want them to without proper instruction. Sure they aim to please, although they will need your guidance as to how exactly they are able to do that.

And again, just as with children, it’s a good idea to use positive reinforcement whenever it is possible with your pup. They need to understand that consequences don’t always just come with negative behaviors. If they behaving properly it should yield desirable consequences as well-such as healthy dog treats. Try to treat your pup as often as you can when you see good behaviors so they will make the connection.

Doggy Dentist?

Most people don’t really think about a dogs dental health. Yet we spend countless hours taking care for our own teeth with brushing, rinsing, flossing, dental cleanings, and more. One of the easiest way to take care of your dogs dental needs is to purchase them some dental treats. These treats are specially formulated to help whisk away plaque and tartar as the dog gnaws on them.

Use Treats to Teach Dogs Tricks

Did you know that if you teach your furry friend to perform tricks it will actually be beneficial to their health? Sure it’s fun to see your dog play dead or roll over, but the fact is, when your dog is learning new tricks, their brain is getting a solid workout. And just like with humans, exercising your dog’s mind is important to their overall health.

Now before you start to try and train your dog to perform tricks, you will need some tasty and healthy dog treats for them. Your best bet is to find smaller treats, as you will need to give them treats often when teaching and you don’t want to overstuff them. Small treats are also convenient to carry around and will be eaten easily and quickly by your dog, which will help them maintain focus on the training.

Keep your Dog Occupied for Hours on End

You likely will not be able to be with your dog 24/7. Unfortunately, that means your dog will likely spend some time alone and will be in danger of becoming bored. Even a small amount of boredom can lead dogs to engage in destructive behavior, such as tearing up your shoes, cushions, and things of that nature. All of that said, it’s important that you give your dog something to do while you are not able to watch over them.

If you purchase a Kong Stuff’N Paste, you will be able to fill a specially made toy with it and the dog will try to get it out for hours on end. The end result? Your pup gets the healthy dog treat inside and will be distracted for hours.

Skip the Rawhide for Dogs

Sure rawhide is often quite cheap. But as that saying goes, you get what you pay for. The fact is, that cheap rawhide is lacking in nutrients. In fact, it’s often covered in all sorts of artificial flavors and colors. So your dog ends up gets little to no benefit out of it. Instead, maybe you can skip the rawhide and opt for healthy dog treats!

It’s high time you treated your dog. Purchase healthy dog treats today!

Planning a Dog Birthday

A birthday party for dogs might sound somewhat bizarre but actually it’s becoming increasing popular and why not!! Your dog is part of your family, they show you so much loyalty and love that they deserve a special day. It also gives you a chance to show them how much they mean to you. According to the National Pet Owners Survey in the USA pet parties are becoming increasingly popular with around 9% of dog owners holding a birthday party for their dogs. Now bearing in mind there are 77.5 million dogs in the USA according to the Humane Society that’s a lot of dogs and the trend has caught on and is growing even faster in the UK.

So where do you begin? First you need a plan, now the party can be as elaborate or as simple as you want it but there are a few essential you will need, the first is setting the date.

  • Deciding what date is your dog’s birthday. Now this can be very easy you just check out your dog’s pedigree or if it might be the date you adopted thembut once you have decided on that date then stick with it. Nextif the date does falls during the week then choose nearest weekendthat way more “guests” will be available.
  • The location – do you want the party inside or out? If it’s outdoors make sure you have a plan B in case the weather takes a turn for the worst. Also make sure there is an area for your dogs to relieve themselves, particularly if it’s an indoor party and that the doggie guestare house trained. Other venues that you could consider are beach parties, local parks, however, ensure that dogs are allowed in the area first before turning up en masse!
  • Which dogs to invite? Well, there a number of factors to consider, how many dogs and humans can your location hold, not all dogs can cope with crowds or groups of dogs. If there are children around ensure that they are supervised at all times. Essentially you want to have social dogs (and people) to create a fun and friendly atmosphere.
  • Sending out the invitations – you can let your imagination run riot on this point, either by making your own invitations, ordering special invitations or go for the green option and email everyone. The choice is endless!!
  • Decorations – imagine a children’s party and then think outside the box for a dog’s. Again the choice is endless although one area I would avoid are balloonsthey can be very scary if they are burst and worse still dogs can inhale them, leading to disastrous consequences.
  • Party food – if dogs were organising their own party then this would be the most important thing plus plenty of fresh drinking water. No birthday party is complete without a dog birthday cake!! Yes, your dog can have his or her cake and eat it too. Other food items can include dog treats, decorated or not and pupcakes and doggie version of cupcakes You will also have to have snacks for the human too so check out if there are any allergies, human and canine.
  • Party games – dogs love to play and let’s face it most human games can be turned into dog games with a little bit of thought and imagination such as hide the treat, an agility course.

The most important thing is your dog’s party should be a fun time and of course remember your camera!

Other things to remember

  • Ensure that all dogs are monitored at all times
  • Provide extra disposal bags, most responsible owners will bring their own but you never know.
  • Ensure there is plenty fresh water.
  • Ensure there is a “timeout” area if a dog or dogs becomes over excited.
  • Gifts – if this is optional then make sure you tell people on their invitation. If your pooch has enough toys then either tell people not to bring one or ask them to make a small donation of a toy or tin of food etc to a local Dog charity that way it’s a win, win situation.
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