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Dog Feeders

Dog Feeders

These days there is a huge variety of dog feeders available from stainless steel to raised ceramic or porcelain dog bowls. And if you want your pet to be comfortable and healthy when they’re eating, you need to choose a feeder that will best suit their feeding habits and size.

First take a look at the bowl your pet is using right now. If it’s looking a little past its sell-by date with dents and scratches, it is well pastime to retire the bowl and buy a new one. The chips and scratches on a bowl that is kept on the ground are the perfect breeding grounds for every type of nasty bacteria you can imagine.

Find out more about raised feeders
Raised dog feeders lift the height of the water and food bowls so that they are up off the ground. One advantage of this is better hygiene because it decreases dust, dirt, and insects collecting in your pet’s water and food. Also, it is now widely agreed by vets that raised feeders improve any dog’s digestion by reducing the quantity of air that they are swallowing whilst feeding. This avoids abdominal discomfort and bloating for your pet. In addition, raised stainless steel or ceramic dog bowls minimize the risk of choking and encourage a better posture which will help decreases the strain on your dogs back, shoulders, and neck. This is particularly beneficial to large breeds, arthritic and old dogs and will make them much more comfortable while they eat and drink.

If your dog has long facial hair and/or long ears, why not get a single raised feeder with a porcelain or ceramic bowl? This will allow their hair and ears enough space to hang down the sides of the feeder, without them getting dunked in their water bowl, and it will be more comfortable for your dog. Single-bowl feeders will also give you the option to have the water and food bowls in different areas of your home. If you have a dog with a short snout they’d need a wide shallow bowl, so they can easily get the food into their mouth. Also, a heavy ceramic dog bowls, with an inward turned rim, are great for older dogs that may have difficulty ingesting their food.

After giving all this careful thought to your pet’s needs, you should also sit back and consider the best type of dog bowl for you to clean and fill. I think the choice really is between stainless steel and ceramic dog bowls. Stainless steel has the advantage of being lighter and unbreakable should you happen to drop it on the ceramic floor tiles in your kitchen. This would be a good choice if you have limited hand or wrist mobility because of arthritis.

On the other hand, the weight of ceramic dog bowls makes them more stable for an older or large dog to use and stops them getting pushed around whilst they are eating. Most modern ceramic dog bowls can be popped into the dishwasher without little to non any problem and most ceramic material is very durable and chip-proof.

Well, now you have some idea of what to look for in order to give your furry friend the attention and care it deserves. If you spend a few minutes looking on the internet, you will soon find the type of ceramic, raised, or stainless dog bowls that will be just perfect for you and your dog.

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