Dog Cookies

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Dog Cookies

Dog Cookies

What family dog doesn’t love receiving say dog cookies once in a while. People who own dogs of any size, large dog breeds and small, just love giving their pooch doggie snacks. For those who have pet dog, you have to have a good, solid understanding of what kinds of treats your doggy friend likes to snack on. There’s a plethora of doggie snacks available nowadays and they come in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and consistencies. For each and every good doggy treat, you will find some in the marketplace which are not so great. These kinds of goodies may harm your pet by becoming stuck inside your dog’s neck or intestinal tract. This could possibly result in choking or even worse. If you value your canine buddy, then you’ll want to be mindful of doggie snacks that could possibly harm him. Even though doggie snacks that aren’t commonly harmful, you should monitor your four-legged friend whenever they eat one. Here are four common doggie treats you should be careful with.

dog cookies
dog cookies
  • Greenies: Nearly all canines love these types of goodies They’re marketed as being a treats that can help clean your dog’s teeth and freshen his breath. Even so, be aware that these products could possibly cause choking. This is because most dogs consume these types of doggie treats rapidly will causing chunks to stick inside their throat. You should avoid giving this particular treat to your dog, if your dog has a tendency to scarf his food. When you do give your dog a greenie, and your dog starts to vomit or shows signs of abnormal breathing or choking, then bring your dog to the vet immediately.
  • Rawhide Chews: What canine doesn’t really enjoy chewing on these types of doggie snacks? Rawhides are great because they cleanse your dog’s teeth and gums as well keeps your canine friend entertained for a time. Nonetheless, rawhides tend to be risky, also. Rswhides that are imported from outside the United States might just be preserved with arsenic-based chemical compounds and these compounds will be consumed by your dog as he or she chews his or her treat. This is exactly why, you need to make sure any kind of rawhide treat you buy is manufactured in the USA, where arsenic-based preservatives are not allowed. Needless to say, if you call tell where the rawhide came from, don’t buy it! And when you do give your pooch a rawhide treat, be mindful of your pet while he or she chews their treat. Also be sure to only purchase rawhides that are the appropriate size for you dog. Obviously, large dog breeds should be given the appropriate sized rawhide.
  • Bones:It appears that it’s the right of each dog and puppy to be able to gnaw on a real bone every now and then. And most dogs, especially large dog breeds, have a passion for bones of all sorts. Nevertheless, giving your dog the wrong kind of bone can be risky. Both chicken and turkey bones, for example, are unsafe because they’re brittle. When your dog chews on one of these bones, the bone can easily splinter and result in choking your dog. You can experience the same issue with a few pork and beef bones. Most vets agree that a shinbone is the safest bone to give to your dog. If you really want to give your dog a bone, give her a shinbone, and monitor your pet while she gnaws on it. If you dog shows signs of choking, contact a vet immediately.

Feeding your dog on snacks and treats is one of the ways to keep your dog happy, and also healthy. Snacks can also provide an opportunity to train your dog using the reward system; for instance, you could give a treat to your pet for learning a new trick or for accurately responding to a command. However, caution should be exercised when giving your dog snacks because there are some products which cause allergies in pets. Pet care experts have come up with safe and healthy hypoallergenic snacks, meaning that they do not contain beef, wheatgluten or soya – which may cause health problems in some animals.

There are several brands of dog treats available in the market, and here are some of the snacks that you can feed to your pet:

Bacon Bites

One of the ideal treat/snacks that you can give to your dog are the bacon Bites. This product is made from venison lung and is therefore easy to chew it is nutritious as well. This makes it suitable for all dogs including young puppies that are not capable of chewing hard food and mature dogs whose teeth are not as strong as they used to be. The product packaging is one of the main features that you should look out for; the snack should be packed in a plastic bag filled with gas to ensure that the snack lasts longer without going bad.

Paddy whack

Paddy whack is yet another ideal snack for dogs which is currently available in the market in varied brands. This snack should be served in small quantities to avoid over indulging your pet. Too much snacking may cause obesity in pets, which leads to a number of health complications. These treats should be given to your pet moderately, and they are meant to complement whole meals – so make sure your pet’s diet does not primarily consist of on snacks.


Snack products enriched with marrow are also ideal treats for pets. Most marrow-based treats are presented in delicious bone packages, and most are made entirely from venison. The marrow-based dog treat/snacks are usually air dried and they are also hypoallergenic, making them suitable for all types of dogs including those with special dietary requirements.

Dog Chews

Dogs love chewing and nibbling on objects and this is why you need to get your pet some dog chews. There are also several brands of do chews available in the market, but it is best to go for all natural dog chews which do not contain any artificial additives. Dog chews made from venison tripe are good for your pet’s health. Dog chews should also contain fish oils which are an essential part of a dog’s diet, because they comprise of Omega 3 oils which facilitate enhanced bone development and keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy.

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