Dog Coats for the Winter

Didog Warm Fleece Dog Winter Coat

Dog Coats for the Winter

Dog Coats for the Winter

Dog coats for the winter – our dogs are special members of our families. Even though they sport nice fur coats, you still need to take special precautions during cold weather. Dogs need shelter from the weather and have needs just as we do. Following a few simple guidelines will keep your pet safe and happy.

Dog Coats for the Winter
Dog Coats for the Winter

The ideal situation is to let your pet stay inside during cold weather. If this is not possible, make sure they have a place that is warm, dry and away from drafts. Provide extra insulation such as straw and/or blankets. If you provide a doghouse, be sure to face the door to the south in order to avoid frigid north winds.

If you allow your dog indoors, provide a comfy old blanket for him to burrow and snuggle in. Place a blanket or more around if you have floors that are not carpeted. Those tile and hardwood floors get cold!

Use caution when walking or playing with your dog near lakes, rivers, ponds and such. A dog can slip or jump and fall into icy waters. Icy water temperatures can lead very quickly to hypothermia and death.

When your dog comes in from the outside and is wet from snow or cold rain, towel or blow dry him. Be sure his undercoat is dry also. And don’t forget to dry his paws. This will help prevent cracking.

As for nutritional needs, give your dog more calories when the temperatures drop. This is especially true for an outdoor or working dog. It takes more energy to supply body heat and therefore he will burn more calories. Take time to help your dog keep warm. Fresh water should be provided just as in summer. Cold, dry air will cause dehydration. Snow is no substitution for water.

Be aware of hazards around your home. Antifreeze, rock salt and heat sources can harm or even kill your dog. Be diligent! Check constantly for any harmful substances. If you are not sure if something is poisonous or otherwise harmful, err on the side of caution and clean it up or dispose of it.

Do not leave your pet in a vehicle. If you leave the vehicle running, your dog could be overcome by carbon monoxide fumes. If you turn your car off, it can become too cold very quickly. Use common sense. If you wouldn’t leave a child in the car, don’t leave a pet there either.

These are simple precautions. Put yourself in your dogs place. If it isn’t warm and comfortable to you chances are it isn’t to your dog either. Make winter a safe, cozy time for your dog and you will be rewarded with lots of love.

Do you think your favorite pet deserve dog coats for winter? Indeed, your pet deserves to be warm during this cold season. There plenty of ways to dress up your dog appropriately to prepare them for the coming season. One of the most common hesitation people have is the cost of such outfits. They are unaware that there are snowsuits and coats for dogs that are very affordable especially when you are concerned about saving money.

Indeed, there are plenty of designs for dog snowsuits that are affordable yet great looking especially when you start having your favorite pet wear them. You need not buy outfits that are too expensive. Some dog clothes cost around $20 which is already considered very affordable. Most of these clothes are made of fine wool or cotton which is designed to keep your dogs warm and comfortable.

If you’ve heard of dog coats for winter you will realize just how many online stores are selling them and it is perfect for the holidays or during the cold season. The good thing about these coats is that they can also be worn not only during Christmas but can be used whenever you feel like the weather is cold and you want to protect your dog from getting sick.

You can even bring them anywhere since they are not difficult to carry especially when you have a lot of things to bring. These dog snowsuits or dog coats for winter can be placed inside your bag in case your dog wants to have them removed. Indeed, these winter dog coats can be very useful and handy. Do not be surprised when you can observe that your dog seems happy and healthy.

That is because you cared about their health and well-being. If you treat your pets’ right and if you give importance to their comfort then purchase the most comfortable winter dog coats that you can find.

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